…in the faraway kingdom of Finland, a fairly clever person thought it would be a good idea to give all expectant parents across the land a Baby Box.

Bedtime stories aside, the Baby Box is a tradition that started in 1938, and continues to be a rite of passage for mums and dads to this day. In fact, it’s the primary reason why Finland has such a low infant mortality rate. The UK has cottoned on to the amazing benefits of the Baby Box. Arvossa is turning it into something special – that’s why our name translates to ‘treasured’ in Finnish.

Our founder, Toni, heard about Finlands inspiring story through the grapevine and she couldn’t stop thinking about how the Baby Box could transform the lives of mums and dads in the UK, and instantly saw a gap in the market.

As a mother herself, with two little girls at nursery and primary school, she knew the ups and downs of those early months all too well, and believed this invention could solve so many bumps along the rollercoaster ride of parenthood. Arvossa was born.

The Baby Box didn’t just happen overnight though. We had to develop something with British babies in mind, meeting top notch safety standards to ensure families here in the UK would love and trust our creation. That’s why we strived to achieve the BSEN 1130 safety standard, something that sets us apart from other Baby Box providers.

Our experience has given us a peek into the things that new parents struggle with in those early weeks and months. We wanted our baby gifts to be a godsend for mums and dads when their little bundle arrived.

So let’s ‘Finnish’ what we started, and let you see the results for yourself.

We’re immensely proud of what we’ve created, and hope you’ll be equally impressed. Whether you’re looking for baby shower gifts for a friend or an innovative newborn sleep solution that you’ll treasure long after your babe flies the nest, our Baby Box has everything you need to make those first few months a dream.