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Awesome Baby Shower Gifts and Treats for Mums-to-Be

by Arvossa Admin | 19-02-2018

Baby showers have come a long way since the early days of a quick whip round in the office for a huge cuddly toy and a balloon but with all the sophistication of themed parties and baby shower games comes the big dilemma of what to buy a pregnant friend.

The question everyone wants to know isn’t whether it’s a boy or a girl – it’s what’s going to be the coolest baby shower gift on the night?

Without a doubt, there will be plenty of ooh-ing and ahh-ing over cute stuffed animals and unbelievably tiny outfits but what gifts do mums-to-be really appreciate most?

Before baby gifts

There will usually be a few precious weeks between the baby shower celebrations and the new arrival so presents for mums to enjoy during that pre-birth time will always go down well. A manicure or pedicure voucher makes a great mother-to-be present. With so much focus on baby, luxury skincare products for mum tend to be appreciated too. Or why not choose a good book and some relaxing premium bath oil and give the gift of some much-needed me-time before the birth?

DIY gifts

You can get creative and add a carefully selected assortment of small gifts and goodies to a jar and decorate it with a pretty ribbon. Things to pop into the jar might include some soothing lip balm, a gift card for a coffee shop, a lovely bright lipstick, relaxing lavender essential oil, peppermint foot cream and a nice bar of chocolate. Hand-knitted bootees and little hats might remind you of the gifts your gramdma used to give to a new baby in the family but they are very much back in vogue. 

Thinking ahead gifts

If you’ve had a baby yourself you’ll be able to share some of your hard-earned expertise with your pregnant friend by investing in a gift that will make her life so much easier in a way she can’t yet imagine. Any new parent will tell you that a knock on the door when baby has just dozed off is one of the most annoying hazards of new parenthood. A humorous but practical “Don’t ring the bell sign” like these from Etsy are the perfect solution.  Other practical gifts include a v-shaped pillow for feeding and a travel mug – for all those cups of tea the new parents will make for themselves and never drink (unless they can transport them easily around the house with them!).

Memory jogs 

The life of a new mum is a busy one and with all the demands that involves as well as the inevitable tiredness of sleepless nights and restless days, it can be hard to remember the essentials for baby and parents. Here at Arvossa we’ve come across a wonderful company Chiggs that happens to be based just down the road from us in North Yorkshire which invented the Baby Feed Wheel. The wheel is a really helpful little device for remembering the time of baby’s last feed, especially in those early hazy days as a new parent. There are also some great little dual diaries on the market for recording the health and wellbeing of both mum and baby so that parents can make sure everyone’s eating and sleeping well.

Helpful hampers

Taking the jam jar concept a step further, a great baby shower gift idea for a pregnant friend or colleague is one that is going to last long after those newborn baby suits have been outgrown. This was the inspiration behind our Arvossa gift bundles and led us to develop our very own baby shower version. The baby shower bundle includes a mix of practical items such as eco-friendly Bambo nappies and wipes as well as kind and gentle baby toiletries and an adorable clothing set including sleepsuit, vest, hat, mittens and bib. There’s even a Blissful baby expert book which is packed with handy tips for new parents. Every bundle is designed to fit neatly inside our baby box which meets the stringent requirements of BSEN 1130 and comes complete with a custom fit mattress that meets the Lullaby Trust guidelines. The baby box is a modern version of the traditional moses basket and can be used as baby’s bed for the first six months, after which time it can become a memory box for treasured keepsakes.

Over to you  

There really are so many different types of gift to give at a baby shower and your choice will be driven by how well you know the mum-to-be and the nature of the event itself. It could be a brief after-work gathering or an intimate soiree for close girlfriends – or even an event for mums and dads together. Whatever the style of baby shower celebration we hope our ideas have provided plenty of inspiration – and if you’ve ever received a baby shower gift that you found particularly thoughtful we’d love to hear about it so we can share it with our followers. Let us know by emailing


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